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How to get the most out of your spray tan!

Have you had a bad experience getting a spray tan?! Did it look uneven or fade too quickly? There's a lot to factor in when your spray tan didn't exactly come out how you wanted it to... So I'm going to go over every little detail, start to finish, on how to achieve the best spray tan all around!

Let's start from the beginning, you JUST booked your spray tan for example: Thursday at 3:30 PM.

Step 1. Prepping before your appointment

1:1 24-48 hours before your spray tan you are going to shower! You want to use a body wash that's moisturizing and good for your skins PH balance.

What can happen if you don't?! You're skin will most likely feel dry, tight, itchy, sensitive, flaky.. just to name a few!

Now how does that correlate with your spray tan?! For starters, with your skins PH balance being off your skin might not fully absorb the spray tan solution!

If your skin is dry and flaky your spray tan without a doubt 1. not lay evenly at all! 2. Your spray tan will look patchy!

1:2 Next you want to exfoliate! Get rid of all that dead skin! This will ensure your spray tan to lay evenly as well as prolong the life of your spray tan! If your spray tan is laying on top of dead skin, it will fade much quicker verses spraying on top of a fresh layer of skin.

1:3 Shave! I like to say shave before your spray tan because it's a form of exfoliating and when you take your first initial shower, I think it's best to skip the shaving after the spray tan still being so fresh!

1:4 Moisturize! Like I said in the beginning of what can happen if you have dry, flaky skin! Make sure to moisturize the night before your spray tan appointment as well! We sell Hempz Triple moisture moisturizer, this lotion will dramatically hydrate your skin and you'll be good to go for your spray tan appointment the following day!

Alright moving on! It's the morning of your spray tan appointment what are you going to do?! Well first off I ALWAYS say "show up like a blank canvas"

1. No makeup

2. No deodorant

3. Loose fitting clothing, don't wear a bra if you can get away with it.

4. Throw your hair up in a bun so it's out of the way.

5. No jewelry because you don't want more tan lines do you?!

So really you're not going to do anything, haha!

It's after your spray tan, lets go over how you're really gonna make this spray tan last. You've gotten through the 8 hour processing period and it's time for you to shower.

1. Set the water to your shower at "medium" If you're like me and love steaming hot showers, this can be tough, but I don't want to lose my spray tan either so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take!

1:2 Use sulfate free body wash! We sell face and body wash here at the tanning salon that helps keep you moisturized while preventing your tan from stripping!

TIP - AVOID shaving... for now! I said this earlier, shaving while you have a fresh spray tan isn't recommended because it's a form of exfoliating and we don't want to be doing that just yet. ( If you have an event coming up, shave that day )

What's next?!

1:3 Pat dry when you get out of the shower. It might not be the most important part of all of this, but it's an extra step that for sure helps you extend the life of your spray tan!

1:4 Moisturize! Extend your tan by a couple of days just by moisturizing daily!

Now here comes the fun! We have sunless tan extender lotions that 1. smell amazing but have a touch of sunless bronzer to help optimize and prolong your spray tan! You're going to start using this once your notice your color fading a bit. This Designer Skin tan extender is our favorite at the salon, its Passion Fruit mango fragrance will have you smelling fresh, & add in the Caffeine and coffee seed that help bring vitality to your skin while you enjoy your spray tan lasting a little bit longer ;)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I learned a lot of this from personal experiences here at the salon! These are products I 100% stand behind! I use them on myself and recommended them to customers!


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