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Diving Into Tanning Lotions

We love our tanning lotions here at California Dreamin'! With so many different formulas, applications, scents, and skincare benefits, it's hard to choose which one to incorporate into your tanning routine - but it's such a fun choice! Let's jump right in!

First, we are going to start off with the 4 main tanning terms to know when picking out your lotion. Depending on your reason for achieving color, these 4 key points will be very helpful:

Accelerator, Cosmetic Bronzer, DHA Bronzer and Natural Bronzers!

Baby Got Black by Ed Hardy is one of our favorite accelerator lotions!

An accelerator in your tanning lotion helps intensify the production of melanin: the more melanin you produce the darker you get. Baby Got Black by Ed Hardy is one of our favorite accelerator lotions - try it on your next visit!

Cosmetic bronzer is going to give you immediate, but temporary results - perfect for a last-minute event!

DHA bronzer produces color results within four hours and typically lasts up to 7 days. You will notice your skin darkening throughout the day after your tanning session. Depending on the amount of DHA in the lotion, I will recommend these products to someone who has a base tan, or someone that is struggling to get dark in certain areas of their body, knowing that the DHA will give them results that will last. At your next UV tanning session, try Oasis da Noite for that darken-as-the-day-goes glow!

Finally, natural bronzers! A lotion that has natural bronzers utilizes natural tanning ingredients like caramel, henna, and black walnut to help you achieve color. Sweet, right? One of our favorite natural bronzer lotions, Happy Camperz by the Hempz brand, is enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil and botanical extracts. Available today at California' Dreamin' Tanning Salon & Spa! one ever questions the reasoning for putting on sunscreen outside, right?! Then never question the importance of using indoor tanning lotion when using a UV tanning bed!

Indoor tanning lotion is going to help keep you hydrated while the tanning bed can dry out your skin. Your lotion replaces the moisture your skin loses when in the UV tanning bed. It’s necessary to use tanning lotion because you won’t be as prone to burning as well.

Some lotions even add in the perks of green tea extracts to fight signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin, aloe to help keep your skin hydrated and feeling soft, and even caffeine to help tighten and tone!

The list of lotions to choose from is endless. Stop in to California Dreamin' today and let us point you in the right direction to get your perfect tan!


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